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Monetizing your Ghost blog

Nov 25, 2013. | By: Bestbg

Monetize All your traffic

Monetizing Your Ghost blog with Infolinks is a very simple process that takes no more than 2 minutes.
I used Infolinks for this example because most of my sites convert better with them but you can use the same method to integrate Google AdSense.

Monetize your website

So let’s start… If you still don’t have an account with infolinks follow the link and sign up for their publishers program :
The approval process usually takes not more than 24 hours. After receiving an email confirmation that your account has been approved login in your Infolinks account and visit the dashboard. Check if you need to amend your account or website data (add a new website if you need to) and go to “Integrate” tab.

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Free Themes for Ghost blogging platform

Nov 21, 2013. | By: Bestbg

Although the Ghost blogging platform is relatively new to the blogging scene it’s gaining more and more popularity every day.
I personally find that the default theme “Casper” is enough good for simple blogging but if you are searching for a new look
there are already many paid and free themes available.

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How to install (D)DoS Deflate on Debian 7 (Wheezy) / Ubuntu

Nov 20, 2013. | By: Bestbg

There are many guides about how to install (D)DoS Deflate on Linux server (or VPS) and in most cases there shouldn’t be a problem with it but I faced some small issues installing (D)DoS Deflate on Debian 7 (Wheezy) so I decided to share how I managed to install and configure it successfully on my machine.
I guess the same fix (see below) would work on Ubuntu as well.

Install (D)DoS Deflate the way it is advised on their official website or follow these steps:

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